Friday, 25 December 2015

Have you had any Dream Visions about World War?

Dear Brothers and Sisters from all over the World,

I have had several friends and close family members report to me dreams they have had recently about a world war taking place. One lady's story I found very interesting, for she is not familiar with conspiracies, war scenarios or anything relating to war for that matter. She had a very random dream of her being in a major Canadian city, and seeing missiles being fired. Afterwards, she was looking for her son, who was being kept in a shelter with the rest of the population. Sound familiar?

Why this random vision about a war breaking out, while she was in a major Canadian city? Why was she seeing missiles being fired, and afterwards looking for her little son in the "shelter" imprisonment camp? What makes this more interesting is that she is not into any conspiracy theories, and is completely clueless about a war scenario being brewed. Her dream was very random and she didn't think much of it, but when she told me, I was speechless because for many of us who are awake, it is an important vision.

Does this dream sound familiar to anyone who has been researching world war scenarios, imprisonment camps, or some of the government drills that are taking place around the world (i.e. Jade Helm)?

If you had have any recent visions involving a war, please post it in the comments section below...